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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “GSC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

Test Preparation


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test (CAT) which assesses a candidate’s analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in standard written English in preparation for being admitted into a graduate management program, such as an MBA. It is an international MBA entrance exam.

GMAT is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council. More than 5,900 programs offered by more than 2,100 universities and institutions use the GMAT exam as part of the selection criteria for their programs site.

Prerequisites / eligibility criteria

No official prerequisite. Intended for bachelors degree holders and undergraduate students who are about to graduate. Fluency in English assumed.

Valid for : 5 Years

Exam delivery mode

Computer adaptive mode: Questions get harder as you get more correct, easier as you get more incorrect.

What’s on the Test?

Essay Questions

  • One 30-minute “Issue” essay requiring that you take a position on an issue and support your opinion with relevant examples.
  • One 30-minute “Argument” essay requiring that you analyze the logical structure of an argument.
Verbal Question Format
  • Sentence Correction: You correct the grammar of a given sentence.
  • Critical Reasoning: You analyze the logic of an argument.
  • Reading Comprehension: You read a passage and answer questions.
Math Question Format
  • Problem Solving: Standard multiple choice.
  • Data Sufficiency: You determine whether certain data is sufficient to answer a question.

Test takers may register for the GMAT either online at mba.com or by calling one of the test centers. To schedule an exam, an appointment must be made at one of the designated test centers. The GMAT may not be taken more than once within 31 days, even if the scores are canceled. Official GMAT exam study materials are available on the mba.com online store and through third-party vendors.

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