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Vision & Mission

We believe that Human has pursued the knowledge through education and travelling around the world and in universe. “GSC Private Limited” has envisaged the help and assistance required in this human pursuit and looks forward to providing guidance and information on global opportunities and reputed sources of required education across the world to the young knowledge seekers.

Our mission is to source internationally renowned academic institutions providing modern learning programs leading to bright international careers and guide, help and assist Indian students to gain easy access to such learning opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, creed or economic status.

Test Preparation


All aspirants can take up this exam irrespective of the academic qualification. The exam is mainly conducted for admission into graduate level, post graduate level as well as doctoral programs. Admission to various courses will be on the basis of the marks in the concerned qualifying exams as well. All citizens are free to write this exam.

Exam pattern

The exam is generally of two formats. In the first format, the test will be generic. The test comprises of 4 sections.

  • Analytical writing skills
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Quantitative reasoning

The first one will be a written test. All other sections will be of objective type. The total time allotted for this exam will be 4 hours.

The subject wise examination is also conducted for certain specializations.

  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Literature in English
  • History of the language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Psycholog

Exam Delivery

Section adaptive exam: For both the verbal and quant portions of the test you will take two separate sections. Your performance on the first section of each type will determine the difficulty level of the second section that you receive.


  • Two 30-minute essay sections
  • Two 30-minute verbal sections
  • Two 35-minute math sections


  • One Essay score (0-6)
  • One Verbal score (130-170)
  • One Math score (130-170)

What is on the Test?

Essay Questions

  • One 30-minute “Issue” essay requiring that you take a position on an issue and support your opinion with relevant examples.
  • One 30-minute “Argument” essay requiring that you analyze the logical structure of an argument.

Verbal Question Format

  • Text Completion: You fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
  • Sentence Equivalence: You pick two words that could each fill the same single blank in a sentence such that the sentence would have the same meaning using either choice.
  • Reading Comprehension: You read a passage and answer questions.

Math Question Format

  • Discrete Quant: Standard multiple choice, 'select all that apply' multiple choice, and numerical entry.
  • Quantitative Comparison: You compare the relative size of two different expressions.
  • Data Interpretation: You answer questions based on charts and graphs.

Verbal Content Tested

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading

Math Content Tested

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis

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